About - Daniel Durrans

I am a street photographer working primarily in and around my home town of Bristol, UK with the occasional sojourn to other cities and countries. Practising this style of photography allows me to capture the humour, mundanity, beauty and inelegance of daily life in our urban environment.

The vast majority of my work is candid public street photographs. The exception to this being my Faces of Bristol project.

Initially inspired by Eric Kim, I then took a street photography course led by Matt Hart and then another by Paul Russell. I have since found pleasure in work by Bruce Gilden, Matt Stuart, David Gibson and Martin Parr among many others. I am constantly learning about the history and techniques that photographers past and present have used to produce street images. My preference is to work in colour as that is how I experience the world.

My aim now is to focus more toward working on projects where I am using a particular style or subject matter rather than taking pot-shots as I walk along. Running themes in my work include umbrellas and ice-creams.

For regular updates please follow me on Instagram @danieldurrans or on Flickr @danieldurrans

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