Week 5: “Classic Street Photography”

Week 5: “Classic Street Photography”

I have run into a problem. The more I learn about Street Photography the more I hold back from taking a photograph because I know that it won’t be a great photograph. The number of exposures I am taking has dropped significantly while the amount of time I am spending wandering around the city I live in has increased exponentially (which isn’t a bad thing!). That being said I performed the assignment as planned and stood diligently on a busy intersection waiting for people to walk towards me. Of the 30 odd exposures I ended up with this:

So what do I like about this shot?

  • The colour of her dress, the bold pattern
  • The purposeful walk
  • The person in the red hoodie following on behind
  • Strong shadows cast by legs

And what do I not like?

  • Walking out of frame rather than into the frame
  • Not actually a lot going on, nothing unique
  • Messy background

I think my issue is I am looking for characters, people who are inherently interesting. What I am finding difficult is turning the mundane, the boring and the usual into the unusual. That or I am just not seeing it. Perhaps I am trying to get instant results on something that does take time and effort and where I shouldn’t expect a good exposure on every outing.

I have had some project ideas:

  • Gloucester Road - Looking at the people who inhabit the Gloucester Road in Bristol
  • Ritual & Ceremony - Exploring modern and traditional rituals in Britain
  • Overconsumption - Our obsession with having too much of everything on the go
Week 4 Assignment: “How to Shoot in the Streets”

Week 4 Assignment: “How to Shoot in the Streets”


Candid Public Street Photography

Candid Public Street Photography

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